Product Description

Relax Lux is an innovative and unique mattress designed to ensure your sweet nights’ sleep! The 7 zones built into the core of the mattress are made of high resilience (HR) open cell polyurethane foam, providing a strong, stable and resilient foundation for your entire body. One side of the mattress is covered with memory foam “Viscosoya”. When lying on this side of the mattress, you fell as if you would gradually sink into the mattress, you sense how it moulds to your body and how it slowly relaxes tense muscles of your body. The night on this mattress guarantees morning full of energy and freshness! See for yourselves!

  • Helps to relax tense muscles;
  • Orthopaedic, moulds perfectly to the body, maintaining the back and spine in their correct position;
  • 7-Zone;
  • Prevents motion transfer;
  • Body temperature-sensitive, allowing to mould to the contours of the body better;
  • With highly breathable mattress foundation;
  • Double-sided (one side is medium firm, the other is softer);
  • Has innovative materials “VISCOSOYA” in its structure;
  • Natural soybean oil extract ensures its durability;
  • Organic;
  • Odourless;
  • Suitable for babies and people with allergies;
  • Protected from vermin;
  • Made of human and environmentally friendly materials;
  • With removable and washable cover.

“VISCOSOYA” material is better than traditional memory foam because it is produced using natural non‑genetically modified soybean oil extract, providing greater durability and resilience for the material. Due to this natural and organic soybean oil, “VISCOSOYA” polyurethane foam is suitable for babies and people with allergies and asthma. This material is environmentally friendly!