Product Description

Tired of waking up with shoulder, neck or back pain? Then this mattress is especially for you! PREMIUM VISCO mattress, allowing you to sleep in a correct position, helps to relax tense muscles of the whole body while sleeping. A new generation memory foam, when comes into contact with the body, becomes softer and moulds elastically to the anatomy of the body: those areas of the mattress that receive more pressure from the body curves inward, whereas those which receive less pressure pleasantly cradles the body in. For his reason, the mattress allows optimally distribution of the body pressure. One side of the mattress is made of “VISCOOOL” material, which is characterised by a thermoregulatory function – helps to keep the body cool in summer and warms it up in winter. The other side of the mattress is covered with memory foam “VISCOSOYA”. This material is produced using non-genetically modified soybean oil extract, which ensures naturalness and durability of the mattress.

Wake up from a healthy and sweet sleep with the mattress VISCO PREMIUM that is ahead of all current market trends!

“VISCOOOL” material senses precise temperature of the body but “ignores” the temperature of environment, i.e. it does not get too hard when the temperature of environment is cold and does not get too soft when it is warm. This material is unique because of its high level of air permeability, ensuring that sleeping on it is never too hot and allowing the body breathe freely. It fully moulds to the contours of the body, thus the body lies in an anatomically correct and comfortable position. This material helps to relax muscles, relieve pressure on vertebrae and joints, distribute the body weight optimally and reduce the pressure of the body. It feels like sleeping on a cloud… For this reason, turning and tossing during sleep reduces up to 80 %. For deep and quality sleep experience.

“VISCOSOYA” material is better than traditional memory foam because it is produced using natural non‑genetically modified soybean oil extract, providing greater durability and resilience. Due to this natural and organic soybean oil, “VISCOSOYA” polyurethane foam is suitable for babies and people with allergies and asthma. This material is environmentally friendly!

  • Maintains optimal temperature of the body;
  • Orthopaedic – moulds perfectly to the body, maintaining the back and spine in their correct position;
  • Improves blood circulation and relieves pressure;
  • Has innovative materials “VISCOOOL” and “VISCOSOYA” in its structure;
  • Double‑sided;
  • Natural soybean oil extract ensures its durability;
  • Organic;
  • Odourless;
  • Suitable for babies and people with allergies;
  • Protected from vermin;
  • With removable and washable cover.